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VISIONAPARTMENTS coming to Frankfurt and Vevey

In the latest of its incremental expansion plans, VISIONAPARTMENTS announces new projects for furnished homes with service and style in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, and in the Lake Geneva region of Switzerland. Both projects, which are currently in the planning phase, involve existing properties that are to be converted into apartment buildings before their scheduled opening in 2016.
"Frankfurt has been on our wish list for quite some time now; we just hadn't found a property that met our requirements. We're very pleased that we've now found the right building in a central location", explains Anja Graf, CEO of VISIONAPARTMENTS. "We're also proud to be adding Frankfurt to our German locations in Berlin and Munich. The metropolis on the Main is a key destination in the serviced apartments business, after all."
The property in downtown Frankfurt is a former office building that lies between the city's main train station and the river. It is highly accessible by a number of major motorways, as well as by local and long-distance public transport. Frankfurt's international airport is just 15 minutes' drive away, for example, and its banking district is well within walking distance. Some 130 VISIONAPARTMENTS are to be completed at the seven-floor building by 2016. It will also feature a number of common areas, such as fitness and wellness facilities and a showroom.
VISIONAPARTMENTS' expansion is proceeding within Switzerland, as well. The company has acquired the former Hôtel de Famille in the heart of Vevey, a community on the northern shore of Lake Geneva. The property is located right next to Vevey's train station, just a few minutes’ walk from nearby shops and the lake itself. Along with the existing building, VISIONAPARTMENTS has also secured the right to build an additional wing for its purposes on the premises. Plans are in place to create around 100 VISIONAPARTMENTS in Vevey by 2016.
"This project is also the result of a good bit of luck", Graf reveals. "We mainly have our network of contacts to thank for the chance to purchase the property at such attractive conditions."

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