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Zurich / London, 18 December 2018 – Another successful year is drawing to a close: VISIONAPARTMENTS did not only open two additional brand-new apartment houses this year, but also jointly won the “Industry Breakthrough and Innovation Award” by the Association of Serviced Apartment Providers (ASAP). The state-of-art online facility management application is a further step in the company’s direction towards digitalization. It convinced the jury and was recognized during the ASAP Oscars ceremony for the serviced apartments sector in London, 6. December 2018.

The Association of Serviced Apartment Providers (ASAP), which was the first to launch a global awards program for the serviced apartment sector, has celebrated the achievements of the industry for the sixth successive year. The 2018 awards marked a record year, having received the highest number of applications which came from more than 19 countries, while 16 separate countries were represented in the shortlisted finalists.
James Foice, Chief Executive of ASAP, said of the awards: ‘We had an outstanding year for entries in 2018, which served to represent the full spectrum of our industry and demonstrated the breadth of the market within which we operate. Consequently, this meant that the competition has been fiercer than ever, making the winners all the more deserving!”
VISIONAPARTMENTS was with the Lamington Group the joint winner of the “Industry Breakthrough and Innovation Award”. “Being recognized by a prominent organization like ASAP is an extraordinary honor and makes us extremely proud,” explains Anja Graf, Group CEO and Chairwoman of VISIONAPARTMENTS. “VISIONAPARTMENTS is in a transformation period, as we are moving further towards digitalization of our processes. Our win in the Industry Breakthrough and Innovation category shows that we are on the right path and that our hard work is paying off. It makes it even more exciting to soon launch another technology solution, tailored to the serviced apartments industry: our own Property Management System.”

The facility management application was a first step in the company’s effort to digitalize the operation and management of its apartments. By launching this tool, many procedures were automated. This includes the instructions for all cleaning staff, inventory and employee management as well as financial related actions. Since its introduction in 2017, VISIONAPARTMENTS has significantly decreased the costs of the cleaning department, resulting in remarkable savings. In the beginning of next year, VISIONAPARTMENTS will link this application to its PMS, which has been built from scratch to cover all needs specific to serviced apartments.


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