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VISIONAPARTMENTS Set to Unveil New World of Imagery

A project long in development is finally about to come to fruition. In late September, an elaborate photo shoot took place at VISIONAPARTMENTS' flagship house in Zurich with the goal of producing a new collection of brand imagery. The 26 pictures produced, which convey the emotions and lifestyles typical of VISIONAPARTMENTS, will be published soon. For more on when and where, simply read on!
The official photo shoot, which was held from 28 to 30 September 2015, was the result of six months of intensive preparation. After getting started in the early hours of the first morning, those involved needed until later in the evening to put the finishing touches on the desired sets. Along with models Erika, Priscila, and Alexander, a crew of up to 15 stood ready to lend a hand on a number of different levels. Here, the team from VISIONAPARTMENTS were joined by a photographer, stylists, makeup artists, lighting professionals, and other experts. Everyone worked together to achieve the best possible results, as this behind-the-scenes video clip of the shoot reveals:

The images are currently undergoing post-processing and will be made available over the course of November. "We're thrilled with the results the shoot managed to produce," declares Alain Gozzer, group head of marketing and communications at VISIONAPARTMENTS. "One of our goals was to come up with some natural-looking images that present an authentic picture of life at VISIONAPARTMENTS; thanks to the dedication of all those involved, I think we definitely succeeded in doing so."
The photos will now be used in various communication and marketing channels from the end of 2015. As a result, they will also be accessible at and form the basis of a new image brochure for the entire company.
The final pictures will be published from 1 December until Christmas in the form of an Advent calendar through the official VISIONAPARTMENTS Facebook account. Each day will feature a detailed look at a new image. In other words, this would be a great opportunity for anyone who has yet to join our social media community!
A big thank-you to the contributors
"None of this would have been possible without the many busy hands that pitched in; we want to send our heartfelt thanks to everyone who helped out," Alain Gozzer adds. "In particular, we'd like to thank all of the brand partners that supported us in this project – and our three models, of course, who had to show a lot of patience on occasion!"
VISIONAPARTMENTS' fashion partners for the shoot included Tommy Hilfiger, which contributed its 2016 spring/summer collection; Visilab with its glasses and sunglasses; and jewellery and watches from Pandora and Mondaine, respectively. Thanks to Keto Autocenter AG, the latest Mercedes GLC was available for the shoot, while Osswald Parfumerie Boutique and Lalique provided their support in the form of beauty products and fragrances. Finally, VISIONAPARTMENTS was able to borrow a wide selection of decorative materials from Globus. Our thanks once again to all those who supported the shoot!


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