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Apartment categories

VISIONAPARTMENTS offers you a choice of seven different categories, from compact, practically arranged homes to exclusively furnished multiroom flats – and even luxuriously appointed villas. No matter which you choose, we think you’ll appreciate the attention we’ve paid to every detail of style and design. Read on to learn more about each category’s standards and choose from among our Studios; Grand, Duplex, 1, 2, or 3 Bedroom Apartments; and VISIONVILLAS. You’re sure to find the perfect fit for your particular needs.


These spaces cover all the basics you expect from an apartment. VISIONAPARTMENT studios feature sophisticated living concepts that are designed both for guests with a budget in mind and those looking for more space and freedom.

Mini Studio: up to 22 m2
Junior Studio: up to 35 m2
Senior Studio: up to 60 m2

Grand Apartment

Each of our Grand Apartments is unique in the world of VISIONAPARTMENTS. They include lofts and a number of other one-of-a-kind layouts.

Surface: up to 108 m2

Duplex Apartment

Our stylish and modern Duplex Apartments provide the special sense of comfort that comes with having separate living and sleeping areas on two different levels.

Mini Duplex Apartment: up to 36 m2
Junior Duplex Apartment: up to 58 m2
Senior Duplex Apartment: up to 70 m2

1 Bedroom Apartment

This option is quite popular thanks to the separate bedroom it offers next to the living area.

Mini 1 Bedroom Apartment: up to 33 m2
Junior 1 Bedroom Apartment: up to 54 m2
Senior 1 Bedroom Apartment: up to 79 m2

2 Bedroom Apartment

These VISIONAPARTMENTS include 2 separate bedrooms adjacent to the living area. Families and other guests looking to share an apartment will appreciate the arrangements this layout offers.

Mini 2 Bedroom Apartment: up to 42 m2
Junior 2 Bedroom Apartment: up to 80 m2
Senior 2 Bedroom Apartment: up to 108 m2

3 Bedroom Apartment

Featuring a spacious living room and 3 separate bedrooms, the exclusive atmosphere this category provides is sure to appeal to those with sophisticated tastes. Another ideal option for both families and other shared living arrangements.

Mini 3 Bedroom Apartment: up to 60 m2
Junior 3 Bedroom Apartment: up to 140 m2
Senior 3 Bedroom Apartment: up to 190 m2


VISIONVILLAS offer a compelling fusion of exclusivity, comfort, and style. Our portfolio currently includes luxurious properties in Mallorca and Zurich that are designed to meet the needs of even the most demanding clients.

Surface: from 180 m2