Anja Graf

Group CEO & Chairwoman

Anja Graf is the founder, owner, and CEO of VISIONAPARTMENTS. Born in Winterthur, Switzerland, in 1977, Graf began building her company at the age of 21. After her education in Winterthur and Zurich, Graf gained valuable experience in the modeling business, including as the head of her own modeling agency. It was her work in this industry – arranging simple rooms for models working temporarily in Zurich, for example – that inspired her to start a business in furnished apartments. VISIONAPARTMENTS was launched in 1999 with the opening of the first three apartments in the heart of Zurich. Since then, led by Anja Graf, the company has evolved independently and expanded successfully beyond Switzerland's borders since 2009.


Paweł Gawor

CEO of Vision Business Services

A graduate of Warsaw University Law School, Paweł Gawor brings many years of professional experience in multinational corporations like Unilever, Price Waterhouse Coopers and Lear Corporation. He was responsible for supply chain management, supplier performance and consulting services. He joined VISIONAPARTMENTS in February 2015 as a development manager, but his position changed quickly and he took on more and more responsibilities and different departments. One of his main achievements was building up a partnership network with serviced apartment providers worldwide. Hand in hand, he established VISIONAPARTMENTS’ agency business. Pawel reorganized the company’s facility management and logistics, resulting in a tremendous increase of process efficiency. With his extensive knowledge in operations, he successfully opened several new locations. Based on his extraordinary performance, he was appointed CEO of VISION Management Services GmbH in June 2018.


Marcel Stoop

Group Head of Finance / CFO

Marcel Stoop is a certified accountant who completed his basic commercial training and academic studies of business in Zurich. After gaining his first professional experience at UBS, he held positions as an accountant and a trustee. Stoop began working as a CFO in 2005, first at BT&T (a small international investment trust) and then at the Swiss real estate company ACRON. Since September 2014, he has been serving as Group Head of Finance / CFO at VISIONAPARTMENTS. He oversees the accounting department and manages the financing of the company’s properties.


Gérard Daniel Lerner

Group Head of Real Estate Development

Gérard D. Lerner has been working for VISIONAPARTMENTS since January 2017. As Group Head of Real Estate Development, he is responsible for the development, planning and implementation of major projects. As an experienced architect and project developer, Gérard Lerner previously worked as a building fiduciary for numerous renowned clients such as SBB Immobilien AG and Credit Suisse AG, and in recent years has played a major role in setting up the Swiss Property Development Group. Gérard Daniel Lerner has been active in the Swiss real estate market for over 10 years. He has already taken on an enormous range of challenges and has broad professional experience in architecture, real-estate development, construction fiduciary and construction management. Gérard Lerner holds a Master of Science ETH in Architecture.


Joanna Wygladala

CEO Vision Warsaw

Joanna Wygladala has a comprehensive academic background in financing, accounting, and tax. In addition to holding a master’s degree in finance and business from the Warsaw School of Economics, she has been working for international corporations for more than 15 years. Before joining VISIONAPARTMENTS in July 2010, she worked as head of finance and administration at Metro Group Poland. Joanna is directly in charge of structuring and managing the areas of financial support and controlling. She has built up the company’s finance department in Warsaw, where she is responsible for financial operations, cash flow planning, and the settlement of costs among VISIONAPARTMENTS’ various subsidiaries. As a proxy, Joanna also supervises the company’s support center in Warsaw.


Jean-Marc Aiello

Head of Acquisitions

Jean-Marc Aiello has more than 24 years of professional experience as Head of Banking and Finance, Deputy Branch Manager at a Swiss bank, CEO and Business/Project Manager of a multi-family office and Head of Project Management. He joined VISIONAPARTMENTS in 2014 and is working collaboratively with the executive management team on the company’s strategic international expansion and business development. Jean-Marc is also jointly responsible for new international real estate projects, banking, and investor relations.